HF Horsemanship Show Team

"Making well rounded horsemen & horsewomen"

 For students ready to ride competitively or who are interested in attending horse shows we have the opportunity to join our show team. Being a part of the HF Horsemanship Show Team gives you the opportunity to attend local shows with other team members under the guidance of our main instructor. Members of the Show Team do need to own or lease their own horse. Occasionally HF Horsemanship horses are available to lease for local shows. Our show team allows beginner riders up to advanced riders to gain experience at horse show competitions. Show Team members are required to be in a lesson at least once a week during show season. Equestrian sports by nature are individual, however we have established our show team in order to foster a team mentality and friendships among its competing students. Although the students compete in different events or even against each other, at the end of the day everyone is there to learn from each other and share some memories & laughs. Older students help out younger ones, sharing knowledge and developing leadership. Show Team members also help coach each other, developing self confidence and a stronger awareness of the details required for excellence in the show arena. 


Team Responsibilities 

Team members are expected to take responsibility for themselves and their horses. At horse shows they are to make sure that their horse is fed and watered and has a clean stall or trailer tie area. 


It is very rewarding how many life skills you can gain from the horse show preperation & competition process:

Goal Setting

Focus on an objective

Persistent work ethic towards a goal

Problem Solving



Self Confidence & Self Respect

Teamwork Values